Choosing the Right Storage Facility

Storing items for a long time, Long-term storage tips

Whether you're going to school, traveling the world, deploying for the military or have another reason to store your personal or business belongings, it's essential to ensure what you store remains in the same condition you left it. Storing things improperly over long-term periods of time and coming back to them in disrepair, or worse, causes headache, frustrations, and even sadness and regret, especially if what's lost is something special to you. Properly storing allows you to come back to your stored items after months, or even years in the same condition you left them.

What should you store?

When it's decided that storage outside of a residence is necessary, the first step, (admittedly one of the hardest) is deciding what you want to keep in storage, and what you can take with you and what you should part ways with. Before looking for your new temporary home for your belongings, you'll want to go through your things and decide:

  • Does it have sentimental value?
  • Is it Expensive?
  • Is it Durable?
  • Is it rare, hard to replace, or have sentimental value?

If the answer is yes to any of these, you'll want to ensure you plan to store these properly and understand what kind of facility you need to keep them safe. Some items, like furniture, doesn't keep well with moisture or humid climates. Electronics and collectibles like comic books and trading cards need to avoid not only moisture but too hot and too cold climates. While going though your belongings, you'll certainly come across items that you don't need, want or want to get rid of.

What to get rid of

While going though your belongings, you'll certainly come across items that you don't need, want or want to get rid of. This is another important step of the long-term storage planning process. The more you can donate, throw away or sell, the less of an impact these items will have when you're determining what kind of space you need.

Finding the right storage space

Now that you have gone through your stuff and determined what you want to keep and what you will be donating or throwing away, now it's time to determine what kind of storage facility that will be suitable to your needs. Climate-control, security, size and facility condition should be your biggest priorities.

Climate-controlled facilities

Many storage facilities, are open-air facilities, meaning they are like garages that are outside, with no way to control the climate of the storage unit itself. This may be a good option for some items, however, the changing of the seasons over time takes its toll on the items mentioned above including electronics, and collectibles. This should, lead you to a facility that has climate-controlled units that maintain a dry, tightly controlled temperature that ensures your valuables and all other items are safe from extreme temperature swings.

Storage facility security

The security of your property from theft is just as important as ensuring your items don't get damaged from storage over time. Your storage facility should have measures in place that ensures the threat of theft is minimized in every area of the facility.

Storage facility condition

Where you're going to store your belongings should be clean, and well maintained without risks of water leakages or pest infestations. Also, the facility should have proper access to units, parking and even equipment that you can use to help you move things in and out of your unit.

Choosing the right size unit

Choosing the right amount of space for your belongings is very important. You don't want to rent a unit only to find out that you've filled it to capacity and either A, have to rent another unit or B, just as bad, have to move everything out into a larger unit. When going through your items begin taking measurements, draw, or even sketch how you plan to store your items. Having a plan in place before you even move in will also help you determine where you should put items for either easier access or filling your unit more efficiently.

Finding the right storage

Finding the right storage unit means knowing your belongings are safe, they are safe and is affordable to you. Hobson Storage provides a safe, climate-controlled facility with nearly 2 dozen different storage options to fit your needs. We also have equipment to help you move in and out and also have a moving van you can use to transport your items. For more information on our units call us at 630-964-4047 for more information and store your stuff with Hobson Storage today.

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